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2. Invest with a few clicks at or at your current broker.
3. Rebalance monthly and monitor your portfolio's performance.

The Results
  • Over the last 12 months (through July 31, 2015), the best performing Portfolio Recipe is AlphaClone (ALFA) with a 22.3% annual return. 
  • Over the last 7 years (through July 31, 2015), the best performing Portfolio Recipe is VizMetrics Target Return Portfolio (t.trdd) with a 15.0% annual return. 
Performance data for VizMetrics Portfolio Recipes went live in March 2014 and performance prior to that date is based on applying the same recipe algorithms to earlier data. 

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Top Ranked Portfolios for the 7 years ending December 31, 2014. 

Tactical Portfolios using ETFs
Strategic Portfolios using ETFs
Income Funds
Actively Managed Funds

V-score Annual

V-score Annual

Symbol V-score Annual

Symbol V-score Annual
t.aaad 100 +15.9%
s.brow 92 +6.5%
PONDX 100 +9.9%
SFHYX 100 +6.8%
t.trdd 100 +14.7%
s.dali 85 +5.5%
VWIAX 97 +7.5%
BPLSX 98 +13.6%
t.tret 100 +14.3%
s.noeq 84 +8.9%
FHIGX 94 +5.1%
VWINX 97 +7.6%
t.aaab 100 +14.1%
s.6040 83 +6.9%
PRINX 93 +5.5%
EIGMX 94 +3.4%
t.aaac 100 +13.9%
s.couc 82 +6.2%
MDNLX 93 +5.3%
GBMFX 91 +5.7%

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* The annual return is the portfolio's annual growth rate over the past 7 years. The V-score measures the portfolio's risk-adjusted return on a scale from 0 (worst) to 100 (best).

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Portfolio Risk vs. Return Analysis
The purple and blue dots on the graph below represents separate VizMetrics Portfolio Recipes. The green and orange symbols represent a selection of actively managed mutual funds and ETFs from professional managers. The best portfolios appear near the top left corner. Invest using any of the VizMetrics Portfolio Recipes at FolioInvesting or at your favorite brokerage by getting the Porfolio Recipe details from the corresponding VizMetrics Report listed below.

  ●  Tactical Portfolio Recipes
  • These Portfolio Recipes maximize returns using a dynamic asset allocation. See VizMetrics Report "vm49" for the complete list of these Porfolio Recipes
♦  Strategic Portfolio Recipes
  • These Portfolio Recipes implement a fixed allocation. See VizMetrics Report "vm48" for the complete list of Portfolio Recipes.
■  Income Funds
  • These portfolios are managed funds and focus on producing monthly dividends. See VizMetrics Reports "vm09" and "vm10" for details.
▲ Actively Managed Funds
  • These portfolios are individual asset allocation funds from professional money managers.  See the following VizMetrics Reports for details: vm05, vm06, vm07, vm08.

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