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DIY Investors and Financial Advisers can use VizMetrics Portfolio Recipes to compare a variety of investment strategies including tactical/dynamic, strategic/static, and professionally managed funds.

Invest in any Portfolio Recipe using the underlying ingredients (ETFs or mutual funds) and the exact percentage allocations that we publish each month.

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The Results: how the Portfolio Recipes have performed.

The top performing Portfolio Recipes over the last 12 months (through March 31, 2018)
  • Tactical/dynamic recipe: 52.6% annual return from Quartile Sector Rotation (t.srqr)
  • Strategic/static recipe: 13.9% annual return from ETF Aggressive Portfolio (s.aggr)

The scatterplots below show risk vs. return for every Portfolio Recipe that we track. Each dot represents a separate Portfolio Recipe. The best Portfolio Recipes (with highest return and lowest risk) appear at the top left of each scatterplot. This is just a sample; a VizMetrics subscription gives you several ways to compare and choose a Portfolio Recipe.

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Use the scatterplots to find your ideal portfolio that meets your risk and return preferences. Then easily invest in that Portfolio Recipe (see "The Process," below). You can also use the full list of all Portfolio Recipes to rank and sort based on all the key risk and return metrics, using a page like this:

Once you've found a Portfolio Recipe that you like, investigate further by clicking on the name of the Portfolio Recipe. This reveals the detailed VizMetrics analysis with risk metrics, total return results, risk vs. return measures, peer comparisons, and correlations.
 Portfolio Recipe detail:
description, ingredients, and peer comparison
Portfolio Recipe detail:
5-year total return graph
Portfolio Recipe detail: 
Risk vs. Return metrics

Performance data for the VizMetrics Tactical Portfolio Recipes went live in March 2014 and performance prior to that date is based on applying the same recipe algorithms to earlier data.

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The Process: how to choose, invest, and rebalance using a Portfolio Recipe.

Once you've found your ideal Portfolio Recipe, you can easily invest using the Choose-Invest-RebalanceTM process.

Step 1. Choose a Portfolio Recipe that fits your needs based on risk and reward.

  • Easy comparisons. As described above, compare results for over 250 Portfolio Recipes, and compare and sort all of them using scatterplots and rankings.
  • Choose from a variety of Portfolio Recipes. The Portfolio Recipes cover a range of methodologies, algorithms, risk levels, and performance results.
    • 34 Tactical Portfolio Recipes, which have a dynamic allocation that changes monthly
    • 31 Strategic Portfolio Recipes, which have a static allocation
    • 240 Tactical Managed Funds from professional investment managers

Step 2. Invest in your Portfolio Recipe with a few clicks.

Use easy-to-follow instructions to buy the underlying ingredients for your Portfolio Recipe at or at your favorite brokerage.

  • To invest with, refer to "how to invest in a tactical portfolio." Also, selected Portfolio Recipes have been setup as "Ready to Go (RTG)" Folios. Refer to "how to invest in a Ready-to-Go Portfolio" for instructions on how to invest with just a few clicks.
  • To invest in a Portfolio Recipe at your favorite brokerage, follow the instructions on the Choose-Invest-Rebalance page.

Step 3. Rebalance monthly and monitor your portfolio's performance.

Rebalancing is the process of updating your portfolio to align with the latest Portfolio Recipe. 

VizMetrics provides easy-to-follow instructions for how to rebalance your portfolio. This can be done with one-click rebalancing using Ready-to-Go (RTG) Folios at, or you can rebalance at your favorite brokerage.

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