Company Overview

About VizMetrics

VizMetrics Inc. was founded in 2002 to help improve results through better reporting. Our founders recognized that there had to be a better, faster way to get the right information into the minds of decision-makers. From the beginning, we have focused on maximizing results with high-visibility tools and superior data visualization.

VizMetrics reports use a no-fluff design to help decision-makers see key metrics in a single view. VizMetrics solutions are delivered as a subscription reporting service.

Benefits of Using a VizMetrics View 

  • Achieve results faster by visually tracking progress
  • See all underlying risk and success factors in one place.
  • Share progress with your entire team and drive action for top initiatives
  • Find profit opportunities faster
  • Benchmark performance of business units; turn laggards into leaders
  • Drill-down rapidly to related analysis
  • Save executive time on decision-making
  • Condense 50 PowerPoint or Keynote slides into one page
  • Provide an in-depth summary to your clients, colleagues, leadership, or Board
  • Save staff time on data collection
  • Explore all your key metrics with instant access to insights
  • Avoid building labor-intensive, custom reports