Find your best investment portfolio
Choose your ideal portfolio, then invest and rebalance using powerful tools.

Choose, invest, and rebalance a portfolio that meets your needs. The VizMetrics Investor subscription includes access to nearly 300 Portfolio Recipes that you can choose from. Try the free version, no credit card required. For every Portfolio Recipe, we provide the following:
  • Risk and return metrics so that you can choose which recipe best fits your needs and preferences.
  • Clear instructions for how to invest using that recipe.
  • Updated portfolio allocations (for tactical Portfolio Recipes) so you can rebalance to maintain the target allocation.

Choose your ideal Portfolio Recipe.
Compare and select from nearly 300 Portfolio Recipes covering three broad types of investment approaches:
  • Tactical portfolio recipes. If you prefer a dynamic approach that changes the portfolio's ingredients based market conditions, then VizMetrics has 29 tactical portfolio recipes to choose from. Try the free version, no credit card required.
  • Strategic portfolio recipes. If you prefer a static, buy-and-hold approach, then VizMetrics has 31 strategic Portfolio Recipes to choose from. Try the free version, no credit card required.
  • Tactical managed funds. If you prefer an "all-in-one" fund that allocates assets under the direction of an asset manager, then VizMetrics tracks over 240 portfolios from professional managers. Try the free version, no credit card required.
Pick your favorite Portfolio Recipe by using a variety of risk and return comparisons.
  • Risk vs. Return scatterplots. Find your ideal portfolio by looking at the top left corner of these charts. The Portfolio Recipes with the highest return and lowest risk will appear in the "northwest corner" of these scatterplots. 
  • Risk and return metrics. Choose a portfolio by comparing Portfolio Recipes head-to-head based on their historical performance and risk measures. You can also see how each Portfolio Recipe moves in relation to five leading asset classes.
  • Portfolio ranking and sorting. Click the column heading at the top of any table to sort by that metric. Get an instant ranking for your favorite metric.
  • VizMetrics Score. This score, based on a range of 0 to 100, tells you how well a portfolio compares to the best possible benchmark portfolio (with a score of 100) and to the worst possible portfolio (with a score of zero). Any Portfolio Recipe that consistently has a high VizMetrics Score is worth a closer look.

Invest in your chosen Portfolio Recipe by buying the underlying recipe ingredients.
Invest in your Portfolio Recipe at your favorite brokerage or FolioInvesting.comVizMetrics provides detailed investing instructions, depending on the type of Portfolio Recipe that you have chosen. The "How to Invest" section, which appears on the detail page for each portfolio recipe, shows exactly what to buy.
  • How to invest in a tactical portfolioThe tactical VizMetrics Portfolio Recipes are identified with an ID beginning with "t." such as t.trdd or t.aaac.
  • How to invest in a Ready-To-Go PortfolioThese are 13 VizMetrics portfolio recipes that are available for quick investing and rebalancing at using automatic allocation. You also can receive notification of when it's time to rebalance and then use online tools to rebalance your portfolio in just a few clicks.
  • How to invest in a strategic portfolioThe strategic VizMetrics Portfolio Recipes are identified with an ID beginning with "s." such as s.brow or s.noeq.
  • How to invest in a mutual fund or ETF portfolio. These portfolios have a ticker symbol that does not begin with t. or s., such as ALFA or VWIAX. You may purchase these portfolios at or your favorite brokerage.

Rebalance your portfolio to match the underlying Portfolio Recipe.
Once you have invested using a Portfolio Recipe, you can update your holdings each month by adjusting your portfolio's ingredients to match the Portfolio Recipe.
  • Easily rebalance at using the automated tools and just a few clicks.
  • Or rebalance at your favorite brokerage using the percentage allocations for each Portfolio Recipe. The detail page for each Portfolio Recipe includes the exact formula to create that recipe. 
  • Use the new portfolio allocation (updated monthly) to match your portfolio to the target Portfolio Recipe.