Asset Allocation Know-How
We help you allocate assets to minimize risk and maximize return.

VizMetrics publishes reports comparing asset allocation ideas, ETF model portfolios, and asset class funds. Find your optimal portfolio allocation using over 35 different risk and return metrics.

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 Asset Allocation Ideas

Asset Allocation 

Compare dozens of Asset Allocation methodologies: strategic/passive, tactical/active, ETF portfolios, active fund managers.  Learn more...

  • Risk vs. Return Comparison Scatterplots
  • One Million Portfolios Poster
  • Tactical Allocation Ideas: Macro/Global, Risk-based, Momentum, Hedged, Blended
  • Income Ideas: Equity Income, Multi-strategy

ETF Model Portfolios

ETF Model 

Choose from hundreds of ETF Model Portfolios based on risk, return, and other metrics.  Learn more...

  • Tactical Model Portfolios using ETFs
  • Strategic Model Portfolios using ETFs
 Fund Comparisons


Compare the risk vs. return head-to-head for over 600 asset class funds.  Learn more...

  • Global Asset Classes: Equities, Fixed Income
  • Equities: U.S., International, Emerging Markets
  • Bonds and Cash
  • Alternatives: Commodities, Real Estate, Precious Metals, Convertibles

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How to use a VizMetrics Report
Here's an example of how you can optimize your asset allocation and fund choices 
using one of our reports, the Asset Class Comparison:
  Compare funds and portfolios by category, using color-coding and ticker symbols 

 Compare total return and trends, using barcharts and trend graphs

 Compare risk vs. return, using the 3 scatterplot charts at the bottom of the page

Sample VizMetrics Comparison

 Compare correlations, using a heatmap for each fund or portfolio