Cash & Friends Comparison
Compare risk and return for money market funds and short-term portfolios

How to get this report

The Cash & Friends Comparison report is included in the Basic Subscription Package.

The Cash & Friends Comparison is a 1-page report comparing 63 investable portfolios and funds related to money market funds, short-term bonds, and bank loans. Subscribe to the Basic Subscription to receive this report.

Cash & Short-Term Investments

The Cash & Friends Comparison compares 27 metrics for each portfolio, plus three scatterplots at the bottom of the page comparing risk vs. return for the most recent 12-month, 36-month, and 60-month periods.

What you can do
  • Identify the best risk-adjusted returns using the risk vs. return scatterplot chart
  • Compare portfolios head-to-head using 27 risk and return metrics, including 5-year total return, trends, alpha, and Modigliani risk-adjusted return.
  • Compare the correlation for each portfolio with five major asset classes
  • Find new ideas for investing your cash
Update frequency
The VizMetrics Cash & Friends Comparison is updated monthly.

How to subscribe
This daily comparison is available as part of the Basic Subscription, which includes 4 other in-depth, 1-page comparison reports. See the Pricing page for details.

Portfolio categories included on the Asset Class Comparison 1-page VizMetrics report: 
  • 4 floating rate funds
  • 25 money market portfolios
  • 7 short-term government bond funds
  • 6 short-term muni bond funds
  • 7 tax-free money market funds
  • 13 ultra-short duration bond funds
  • 2 VRDO portfolios

Portfolios types included on the Asset Class Comparison:
  • exchange-traded funds (ETFs)
  • money market funds

Metrics included for each portfolio on the Asset Class Comparison: 
  • recent yield
  • 1-year return
  • 3-year return
  • 5-year return
  • 60-month trend
  • calendar year total return (last four years)
  • standard deviation (1-year, 3-year, and 5-year)
  • maximum draw down during past 5 years
  • beta (vs. ACWI index)
  • R-squared
  • Modigliani risk-adjusted return % (1-year, 3-year, and 5-year)
  • Alpha % (1-year, 3-year, and 5-year)
  • correlation to All-Country World equities
  • correlation to S&P 500
  • correlation to broad commodities
  • correlation to total bond return
  • correlation to gold return

Graphical comparisons included: 
  • comparative graphs for all returns, across all portfolios
  • trend graph 60-month adjusted closing price
  • bubble comparison for recent yield
  • bubble comparison for standard deviation (1-year, 3-year, and 5-year)
  • heatmap for correlations to global equities, S&P 500, commodities, bonds, and gold