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One-Page Presentations   VizMetrics View for Client Reporting

The One-Page Presentation from VizMetrics uses a focused page to show all of the key metrics related to your project or organization.

  • Save staff time on data collection. Simplify the process of updating your status reports. By using an all-in-one-place view, it's easier to gather data and update the recurring report that you provide to clients or stakeholders.
  • Show success clearly. Show the progress and tangible results that you have made in every area.
  • Explain where more effort or funding is needed. Explicitly identify areas that have been ignored or untapped opportunities with a high ROI.
  • Demonstrate the comprehensiveness of your work. Show metrics and trends covering every aspect of your project. Present a complete view on one page.

How much does this cost?
Pricing is $200 to $2,000 per month, depending on your specific needs and data sources. 

How does this work?
VizMetrics creates a custom design based on your metrics and desired results, then connects the design to your data sources to start the ongoing generation of your One-Page Presentation.
Your One-Page Presentation is delivered as a web-based subscription service.

How do I find out more?
Please contact us to discuss your project.

What are examples of how organizations use a One-Page Presentation?
  • Executives reporting to the Board of Directors
  • Financial Advisers and Consultants
    • review the performance of all components of an investment portfolio
  • Marketing and SEO consultants
    • increase sales revenue by spotting trends quickly
    • increase online conversions and optimize return on investment in web-based lead generation
  • Management consultants
    • evaluate the performance of individual locations as part of a larger network
    • find and evaluate investment opportunities