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Trends for Google Analytics     VizMetrics View for Lead Generation

Trends for Google Analytics helps you generate more leads and optimize your web site. 

             What you can do...
  • Show campaign results
  • Identify top new opportunities
  • Visualize over 87 metrics and 2,100 data points for optimizing your web site
  • Quickly spot trends in traffic, referrals, keywords, campaigns, and ads 
  • Make rapid adjustments to generate more leads

How much does this cost?
It's free during our beta test. After that, we plan to charge $12 per profile, per month. If you have more than ten Google Analytics profiles, please contact us for partner pricing.

How do I sign up?
Sign up for free. No credit card needed. Please follow the instructions in our how-to guide which explains how to set up a VizMetrics View for your website.

How does this work?
Your subscription includes daily updates for one Google Analytics profile. 

How do I find out more?
We've also written an article about using Google Analytics Trends from VizMetrics to generate more leads: how to generate more leads from your website

What are examples of how organizations use a Next Gen Dashboard?
Using VizMetrics Google Analytics Trends you can do the following:
  • identify trends such as new search words, goal performance, and new referring sites
  • compare keywords, referring sites, and traffic sources
  • provide a single view of traffic sources over time
  • rapidly evaluate performance of campaigns
  • discover more ideas for lead generation based on your most popular blog post topics, popular site search terms, and the top keywords that visitors use to find your site.
Who uses Google Analytics Trends from VizMetrics?
  • Marketing professionals
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) consultants 
  • Bloggers
  • Business owners
  • Anyone with a web site who wants to understand trends and generate more leads
What if I have more questions?
We'd be glad to answer them. Please contact us with your questions.

Try it free for during our beta test.
No credit card required.