How to apply "Choose-Invest-Rebalance" to your portfolio
Investing with a Portfolio Recipe from VizMetrics

Investing using a VizMetrics Portfolio Recipe involves three basic steps: Choose - Invest - Rebalance.

1. Choose. Read "How to Choose a Great Portfolio" to find a Portfolio Recipe that meets your performance needs and risk appetite. Then continue with an "Invest" link below based on the type of Portfolio Recipe you have chosen.

2. Invest. How you invest depends on the type of Portfolio Recipe that you have chosen. 
  • How to invest in a tactical portfolioThese VizMetrics portfolio recipes are identified with an ID beginning with "t." such as t.trdd or t.aaac.
  • How to invest in a Ready-To-Go PortfolioThese are 13 VizMetrics portfolio recipes that are available for quick investing and rebalancing at using automatic allocation. You also can receive notification of when it's time to rebalance and then use online tools to rebalance your portfolio in just a few clicks.
  • How to invest in a strategic portfolioThese VizMetrics portfolio recipes are identified with an ID beginning with "s." such as s.brow or s.noeq.
  • How to invest in a mutual fund or ETF portfolio. These portfolios have a ticker symbol that does not begin with t. or s., such as ALFA or VWIAX. You may purchase these portfolios at or your favorite brokerage.

3. Rebalance. This is the process of updating your portfolio to align with the latest Portfolio Recipe. 
  • Strategic Portfolio Recipes (also called "static" or "passive" or "buy-and-hold") do not change over time, but the allocations to the portfolio's ingredients may need to be adjusted since each ingredient can increase or decrease in value. This causes the portfolio's recipe to stray from the original recipe. You can rebalance your portfolio by buying or selling portions of each ingredient to bring the portfolio back into alignment with the original Portfolio Recipe.
  • Tactical Portfolio Recipes (also called "dynamic" or "active") typically change each month. For these portfolios, you will need to adjust your portfolio holdings to reflect the updated recipe. This can be done easily at We provide details instructions on how to rebalance your portfolio.