How to invest in a Ready-to-Go portfolio
Using to automate buying and rebalancing your portfolio

How to invest in a VizMetrics Ready-to-Go portfolio at

Step 1.  Sign-up for a VizMetrics Subscription
Log-in to and choose a tactical portfolio that fit your needs based on risk and return. Or sign up for a free subscription to get access to the full list of Portfolio Recipes and analytics.

Step 2.  Open an account at using this sign-up link.
Your account at provides access to the following cool features:
  • One-click access to the VizMetrics Tactical Portfolios
  • Fractional Shares. Buy and sell in dollar amounts, even in fractions of shares. This allows you to invest in a VizMetrics Tactical Portfolio using precise percentage allocations and then sync with the updated allocation each month.
  • Rebalancing. Use automated settings to rebalance and maintain the right allocation in a VizMetrics Tactical Portfolio. receive monthly Portfolio updates through the brokerage account you open at Folio Investing. 
  • Flat-Fee Pricing. Get 2,000 commission-free trades each month (within a specified trading window) for one flat fee.
Step 3.  Click to invest in a VizMetrics Ready-to-Go Folio, as follows:
  • Login to with your user id and password
  • click "Accounts" in the top menu to see your accounts and Folios
  • click "Add New Folio"
  • click "Featured Folios"
    • This displays the list of all VizMetrics Ready-to-go Folios
    • Choose the VizMetrics Ready-to-Go Folio that you wish to invest in
  • click on the green "Buy this Folio" button for the VizMetrics Ready-to-Go Folio that you wish to invest in
    • Follow the instructions to complete your purchase.
Step 4.  Click to rebalance monthly
At the beginning of each month, you'll receive an email when it's time to update your VizMetrics Tactical Portfolios in your Folio Investing account. You can then log-in at and rebalance your Portfolios with just a few clicks.

For more details about the specific RTG Folios, see