How to rebalance a Ready-to-Go portfolio
Rebalancing a dynamic portfolio at

How to rebalance a VizMetrics Ready-to-Go portfolio at

1. Login to with your user id and password
    If you don't have an account with a Ready-to-Go portfolio, you can open an account at using this sign-up link. See how to invest in a Ready-to-Go portfolio.
2. After you have logged in to, click "Accounts" in the top menu to see your accounts and Folios
3. Click on the blue [RTG] button next to the name of the Folio that you wish to update.
4. You should see a pop-up window titled "Ready-to-Go Folio Features" 
    Click the "Update" button. 
5. You should see a page titled "Preview Order"
    Click the green [Place Order] button at bottom right
    Click [Return to Accounts]
6. Repeat for any additional Folios, if needed

For more details about the specific RTG Folios, see