how to sign-up for the beta test of "Trends for Google Analytics"

how to sign-up for the beta test of Trends for Google Analytics

Trends for Google Analytics is a VizMetrics View that creates a one-page report using data from your Google Analytics account. If you need to setup Google Analytics for your web site (it's free!), refer to Getting Started with Google Analytics.

If you already have Google Analytics on your site, follow these steps to create the one-page "Trends for Google Analytics" VizMetrics View:
  1. Log into any Google service (e.g., Gmail) using the same Google account that you use to access Google Analytics. Or you can log into Google Analytics directly here:

  2. Go to the VizMetrics sign-up page, enter your information, and click "Create my account"

  3. Check your email for a message with the subject "Confirmation instructions"
    Open the email and click "Confirm my account"
    You should see a "Confirmation succeeded!" page.
    Click _OK_ to go to the Parameters page for your new View.
    In the future, you can access this Parameters page as follows:
    • log in at
    • click "My subscriptions" in the top menu
    • click "Configure" for your subscription
    • click "edit" next to the Parameters heading

  4. Enter parameters to customize your View, as follows:
    Click to authenticate with Google Analytics: click  Click to (re)authenticate , and wait for the Google authentication page to appear and then and click  _Allow access 
    Choose a Google Analytics profile: click the drop-down menu and choose the Google Analytics profile that you would like to use
    Blog URL: enter the URL or URL suffix that identifies your blog. If you don't have a blog, just enter "/blog"
    Keywords to track: enter up to 30 keywords you wish to track, one per line
    Page heading: enter a Title that will appear at the top of the output page. This could be your website name, your company name, or your domain name.
    Click _Save_

  5. click _Take me to Inbox_ and wait for your View to finish generating. This may take a couple minutes.

  6. click on the PDF file name to open your view. An updated View will be generated daily, and you can log in to to see your daily updates.

Contact us if you have any questions or problems.