how to use a VizMetrics View to make a client presentation

How to use a VizMetrics View to make a client presentation

VizMetrics View: Trends for Google Analytics

Below are some ideas for using the VizMetrics View "Trends for Google Analytics" as part of a client briefing or as part of a presentation which reviews overall web marketing trends and sets the foundation for the next period's actions.

Idea 1: Show results quickly and concisely
What have been the results of recent email and ad campaigns?
How do campaigns affect traffic and lead volume?
What have been the results of recent keyword optimizations?
How have traffic and leads improved for out top keywords?

Idea 2: Find future marketing opportunities
What traffic sources are underperforming?
What lead generations sources offer the best return on investment? 
How can I increase spending in those areas?
What channels are not being used at all?

Idea 3: Identify holes in the online marketing strategy
Do I see an area with little or no activity? (e.g. social media, campaigns, ads)?
Is the percentage of visitors and leads from each source consistent with industry benchmarks?
Can we setup more goals to better understand user actions?
Are there marketing tools that we are not using, but should be?

Idea 4: Find new product opportunities
What are users searching for on our website? 
How can we meet user needs more quickly?
Do we offer what the users are looking for?
Do we need to add or alter our web content to gain more leads?

Idea 5: Setup analytics for more areas to generate more ideas
Are goals setup and being used to track leads, downloads, video plays, and other results?
Is on-site search setup to track what users are looking for?
Am I using a tracking code on all my email campaigns?
Am I using a tracking code on all my ad campaigns?