The list below show the V-scores and annual return for several Tactical, Strategic, Income, and Actively Managed portfolios for the 7-years ending December 31, 2014.

Each portfolio is described in detail in the VizMetrics Report listed below. You can access all of the VizMetrics Reports with a Free Trial Subscription.

The VizMetrics V-Score is a method of rating an investment portfolio based on risk vs. return. A score

of 100 is best and zero is worst. A score of 100 means that over a given time period, the portfolio has performed better than the best possible portfolio formed from a basket of global asset classes. For comparison, the S&P 500 (represented by the exchange-traded fund SPY) has a V-score of 66.5 for the 7-year period ending December 31, 2014.

Tactical Portfolios using ETFs

RankPortfolio IDVizMetrics reportDescriptionV-scoreAnnual Return
1t.aaadvm22Adaptive Allocation Portfolio D10015.9%

Strategic Portfolios using ETFs

RankPortfolio IDVizMetrics reportDescriptionV-scoreAnnual Return
1s.browvm11Harry Browne inspired · 25% equity926.5%

Income Funds

RankSymbolVizMetrics reportDescriptionV-scoreAnnual Return
1PONDXvm10Pimco Income D1009.9%

Actively Managed Funds

RankSymbolVizMetrics reportDescriptionV-scoreAnnual Return
1SFHYXvm06Hundredfold Select1006.8%

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